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For high-voltage products including Single-Pin HV-Connectors, Multi-Pin HV-Connectors, HYBRID HV-INTERCONNECTIONS, Variable HV-Connectors, Hybrid Interconnection System in diverse configurations for performances from 10 100 kV as well as hybrid HV interconnection-systems combined with pneumatic, power, signal and data-transmission for complex tasks.

Applications are focused on high-voltage, radiation and photonic procedures for detection and analysis technologies, medical and bio-technologies, semiconductor and microelectronics, nuclear and particle physics . GES also offers hybrid interconnection system which provides high flexibility in limited space, less wiring and is easy to service and maintain. The modular design allows almost any combination of high-voltage-, power-, pneumatic-, signal- and data-transmission in one single application-customized and IP65-protected hybrid connector. The combinability of the wide variety of insertion modules provides our customers previously unknown flexibility for advanced and complex application tasks in the field of high voltage engineering



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