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Post Box 45 05 33,
80905 Munich,GERMANY.
Fax: +49-89-3548-0490

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A leading manufacturer of precision RF and Microwave Components in the Frequency Range of DC to 65.0 GHz including:

Adapters - 50 Ohms Coaxial Adapters (In Series and Between Series) High Power Adapters, Push-On Adapters, Waveguide to Coax Adapters

Connectors - 50 Ohms Blind Mate Connectors, Coaxial Connectors, High Power Connectors, Multi-Pin Connectors, and Push-On Connectors

Cable Assemblies - 50 Ohms ANA Test Cables, Flexible Cable Assemblies, Low Loss Cable Assemblies, Phase Stable Cable Assemblies, Semi-Rigid Cable Assemblies (Dia 0.34" to 1")

Test Necessities and Accessories -50 Ohms LRL, TRL Calibration and Verification Kits, ANA Cable Assemblies, Torque Wrenches, Interface Gauges, Calibration Kits, Terminations, etc

Components - 50 Ohms Coaxial Switches, Coaxial Terminations, Coaxial Attenuators, DC -Block Connectors, Gain Amplitude Equalizers, Hybrid Housings, Phase Adjusters, Precision Coaxial Terminations, Precision Waveguide Terminations, Special Products including Adapter Sets, Antennas, Blind Mate Connectors, Calibration Kits, Custom Connectors / Adapters, Delay Lines, Detectors, Interface Gauges, Isolators & Circulators, Lightning Surge Suppressors, Limiters, Phase Stable Assemblies, Precision Mismatches, Push-On's, RF-Multipin Connectors SQ-8 ,TQ and IQ series, each with 4,7,8 and 12 coaxial microwave inserts, RQ23 –DC26 Multipin Connectors with 23 coaxial inserts and 26 signal inserts & Rotary Joints (specials).

Quick Connections: 50 Ohms, Blind Mate Connectors, and Push - On Adapters, Push - On Connectors, Push - On Cable Assemblies.

Components: 75 Ohms, Adapters, Attenuators, Connectors, Switches, and Transformers.

Machines & Tools: Coax Cable Cutting / Stripping Machines, Flexible Cable Cutting / Stripping Machines, Semi-Rigid Cable Bending Machines

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